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PHOTO | TRACE, Bulgaria’s major infrastructure company, increasing pace on Lot 2 of the Ploiesti – Buzau Motorway

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Romania’s road infrastructure has been given a major boost by the allocation of budgetary as well as European funds. Together with the projects included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, once completed, they will all have the gift of not only uniting the historic provinces but more importantly contributing to the economic development of the areas and counties crossed. Like a giant puzzle, each contractor designated as the winner of the bids aligns with the project so that the final result is as expected.


The Bulgarian company Trace, with its 25 years of experience of constructing transport infrastructure, working on the Balkans internationally for more than 10 years, and being listed on the Sofia Stock Exchange since 2007, is also working along these lines and, on 15 March 2022, it was designated the winner on Lot 2 of the Ploiesti-Buzău highway, part of the Motorway of Moldova, as a joint-venture leader together with the Romanians from Coni. On 7 June 2022 the contract was signed, and the work order was issued on 11 August.

The 28.35 km long lot includes the construction of 20 bridges and passages. According to the specifications, the works will take 20 months to complete, and the guarantee covers 10 years.

Trace, leader in the infrastructure construction sector

Trace Company – full designation Trage Group Hold PLC – is a leader in transport infrastructure in Bulgaria. The company has participated in the implementation of major projects such as the Thrace Motorway or A1 (Sofia – Plovdiv – Burgas, 360 km, already in use) and Hemus or A2 (Sofia – Varna, 418 km, of which almost 180 km are in use).

Trace also successfully completed two sections of the international transport corridor 10 in the Republic of Serbia.

The Trace holding companies are also successfully implementing the expansion of the road network and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of urban infrastructure. The company has the resources to maintain a system of traffic organization, such as horizontal and vertical markings.
Trace is one of the first construction companies in Bulgaria to apply the „cold in-place recycling” method, which involves the reuse of concrete, with positive effects especially in terms of pollutant emissions and compliance with completion dates. To apply this method, the company uses the most modern machinery and various technologies, both traditional and innovative.

As a phase prior to asphalt paving, stabilization is an enormous advantage in modern road construction as it offers quality, durability, fast performance, reduced construction operations and reduced emissions. At the same time, Trace is one of the first companies in Bulgaria to apply this method to both domestic and foreign works.

Involvement in railway infrastructure

But road infrastructure is not the only activity of Trace holding. Concurrently, the holding has successfully developed the construction of railway…

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